How to understand Environmental problems and accept that it’s real!

We as humans often tend to dismay another person’s views if it is different from our own perceptions, or if it something new. We are more likely to believe in what someone else is saying, if –

  • If it is backed by solid proofs and facts, which are built on our existing knowledge. For example, we know how precipitation works, and we also know there is a lot of pollution in the air. Combine the both and we now know that Acid Rains are possible and real.
  • It comes from a higher, powerful, and reliable authority. It becomes easier to accept it, as the authenticity of the concept can now be trusted. For example, the financial experts of a country, warning the government of an impending economic crisis shortly, based on their calculations and knowledge.
  • If we see it or experience it first hand. For example, a person living in a remote area, without a TV or internet, would not believe in self-driven cars

So, to accept Climate Change and other serious environmental issues, we need to first have an open mind to let the new or ‘not-so-comfortable’ information sink in.

Also, do not rely on the Media or Government to come and feed the information related to these issues to you. They are far far away from taking it seriously yet. And we need to be self-reliant now.

Now let’s go step by step covering all three points that we just discussed to learn and believe in something extremely important for our future.

Be Curious

Read articles, watch videos, talk with people about why, and how is all of this happening. Then pose your own questions

“Why did this not happen before?”
“Can sea level rise actually sink the cities? If yes, then how?”
“Are some species really getting extinct? And why does that matter to humans?”
“Will any of these things directly affect me or my family one day? If yes, then how soon?”

Why plastic is becoming such a problem?”
“Can I do something about it?”

If news about rising sea levels does not make you believe in it, I urge you to google it immediately.
Picture from CNN News.

You have got your questions. Now let’s find out the answers.
There are so many ways you can do it, thanks to the almighty Internet!

Then keep learning and building your knowledge unless you can believe or completely shun the issue, based on your research.

I have shared a list of my favorite YouTube Channels, Instagram Handles, people on LinkedIn, Twitter in my previous blog. You can go and follow all of them to keep yourself updated with all the facts, news, updates, while you are scrolling through your feed all the time

See what the REAL experts are saying

There is no dearth of scientific evidence to back the ‘realness‘ of climate change. We have Climate Experts, Scientists, Environmentalists, Global Leaders all around who have been telling us their predictions based on real data and facts.

Follow the Leaders from organizations like NASA, UN, World Economic Forum, and other reliable scientific communities who are working hard to bring forward facts and figures which matter. Also, do not forget to share such information from your friends and family so that they know that this is coming ‘REAL’ Experts.

But then we also have some powerful leaders who completely deny the idea of it, calling ‘climate change’ another gimmick and influencing the masses against it. In this case, just pause for a minute and remind yourself –

Everyone has their own set of motives or beliefs. In this case, our Leaders become the deniers for two reasons

  • (The biggest of all) For their selfish financial greed– For example- The big Corporates involved in industries like- Coal, Oil, Animal Farming, or any business that exploits natural resources extensively- will never support facts or laws that will harm their pockets. And the governments are supported by these Corporates and hence do not take any action against the tremendous harm they are inflicting on our environment.
Donald Trump, a climate change denier who is also a proponent of fossil fuel industries (coal, oil, natural gas) pulled USA out of the landmark Paris Climate Agreement (an agreement where all countries made a deal to reduce the carbon emissions and work towards a more sustainable way of development)
  • For their spiritual or religious beliefs- Some people are influenced by their higher beliefs which may cloud their vision from seeing the scientific truths and stop them from taking actions. For example- It could be difficult to convince some Leaders holding certain sacred beliefs that religious activities in and around the holy river Ganga are one of the sources of pollution or activities like immersing idols of deities made up of toxic paints and material is harmful to the marine ecosystem. And they may never think about turning these activities into more eco-friendly ones.
There is no doubt that industrial and sewage waste are big contributors to pollution in huge rivers and water bodies. And the government must produce stringent laws against these industries for environmental degradation. But in small river bodies, and even in large ones, such human activities also play a part which can be easily checked upon and converted to more eco-friendly ones. Image from UCANew

We need to identify if our Leaders have one of these reasons behind their denial. In this case, you need to think rationally and place facts over greed and beliefs. And we also need to make other people aware in order to stop them from getting influenced.

Finally, connect the dots!

Now, as a final step, look around yourself, analyze your daily life. Identify two main things-

  • What has changed?
    Do you know a huge majority of the population around the globe has already started experiencing the severe consequences of climate change already?
    Observe things like-

    “Are winters getting colder and/or summers getting hotter?”
    “Are the occasional events like storms, hurricanes, floods getting more frequent?”
    “Has there been a decrease in water availability?”
    “Have there been more and more disease spread and illnesses lately, due to pollution?”

    “Am I hearing a lot against plastic these days?”

    I know the answers to these questions will be yes. And now you know the reason why you answered yes.
  • What will change?
    Now you can answer what more will change if timely actions are not taken.

    “Drastic changes in the climate will severely impact the agriculture sector”
    “Frequent storms, hurricanes, floods will hugely impact human life and the economy”
    “If water tables keep depleting, we might have to pay high sums for having a minimum supply of water”
    “Rising pollution level will damage the health of everyone from young to old, in unimaginable ways”

    “Microplastics will be present in everything from drinking water to food that we eat if plastics are not controlled”
India and many other regions of the world experience flooding every year due to extreme weather conditions and changing patterns driven by climate change. These floods hamper the lives of millions and not to mention the economic impact of such events.
Picture by Indian Express.

And there are hundreds of such questions we can ask ourselves every day. And the ultimate answer will remain the same- WE NEED TO ACT NOW. I will be taking up all these questions in my future posts too and understand them more deeply.

After performing these steps, pat yourself on the back as you have completed the first step towards solving any problem, that is to accept that there is a problem.

Remember this-

You don’t take medicines unless you get aware and accept that your body is sick, and how sick.

And, do not forget to share this knowledge with your friends, family, and network and help them understand these problems too. Everyone needs to know this!

One thought on “How to understand Environmental problems and accept that it’s real!

  1. Well Said !
    The main issue with climate change is that people dont realise it is real and happening.


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