Let’s create the hype!

Nearly half of the population in India lives in places that are likely to become moderate or severe climate hot spots by 2050, according to a World Bank Study launched very recently.

And one Yale University research on climate change communications pointed out that 65% of the Indian population is not aware of climate change.*

I remember talking with a friend some time ago, when I started mentioning about carbon emissions and the scale of plastic pollution. I was telling that we should not be purchasing plastic packaged things like drinking water at least, refuse to take a polythene bag from the grocery shop, supporting local organic brands etc., etc.

And it wasn’t the first time I got this reaction-

“What difference would it make?”

Actions of 1 or 2 or even 100 people won’t change anything!”

The government should be responsible”

“Nothing can be done now! We are doomed anyway”

“Let’s just live our life to the fullest. The world is soon going to end”

And the one that I hate the most-

Nothing will happen! It’s all hyped up. We will survive just like we have been doing from the past hundreds of years”

So, why do some people think it’s all meaningless? Why do people don’t take climate change, pollution, environmental issues seriously?

Despite of having solid scientific evidence, data, and even consequences that we experience first hand, still a majority of the people really just brush away these conversations and make no effort of understanding it either.

But Why? It’s a lack of awareness. Or, in other words, I would say, the answer is- lack of publicity and popularity! It may sound funny, but it is the harsh reality. We wouldn’t have known how great of an actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui is until we started seeing him in mainstream movies and shows. Otherwise, he would have ended up being a hidden gem, known only to a few. And the world would have missed on so much.

I like this analogy! Let’s build-up on this.

Just like an extremely talented actor has all the skills needed to be successful, climate change too, has all the characteristics to be the prime time news. It is real; it is extremely urgent; it is something that will impact not just one country or one continent but the entire world and every single human being. Moreover, we have all the evidence; we know the culprits; we know how to make this right; what actions must be taken. But still we don’t see it on TV; it’s still not everybody’s favorite topic of debate.

So what can we do ?

Simple. Create the much-needed hype!

We have to publicize climate change as much as we can. Make it the trending topic on social media. Just like you would share your favorite actor’s pictures, videos, articles on your social media accounts, do it for our underrated Climate Change too. Let’s make it famous so that every news channel, print media, famous TV shows always talk about it and compete to bring the best and the latest news around it every day.

Let’s just talk about it. With our friends, family, neighbors, colleagues. Share what you know, learn what they know. Think of creative solutions, discuss new ideas.

“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.”
– Linda Lambert

So, let’s be the publicity managers for climate change!

And the first step to being a great publicity manager is to know in and out about the entity you want to publicize. (Just like you have to watch numerous works of Nawazuddin Siddiqui to know his talent. And then be 100% confident that he is one hell of an actor, before convincing others).

So, first YOU need to know what is this all about, and why do we need to do this. We have to be determined that together we can make Climate Change top the charts everywhere. We have to make it through our competitors (every other news on religion, politics, celebrity gossip, etc) and not lose our momentum.

We can do this together. Let’s keep doing our part while making everyone around us aware!

Read my next articles to know how to have top-notch knowledge on Environmental issues and how to have conversations with people around it!


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